It's simple. You (the moderator) call into the Gotham conference bridge. Your participants (employees, vendors, or anyone else you want to have on the call) call in using their participant ID. They join the call from anywhere in the world. After your call, hang up.
That's it!

Keep in mind (see the cards below), you have access to all standard and advanced conferencing features (hold, mute, playback participant list, participant number, etc.)

Your Cards
After signup, we email links to your brand new conference cards (which you can then email to your participants as often as you would like and for as many different conferences as you have). You are sent two links. One for the moderator (you), and another link for your participants (everyone else).



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•  We use 100% traditional Tier 1 Digial connections for all your calls.

•  Our Customer Care reps answer within 15 seconds of your call.

•  Toll Free service is Always included in your rate. We will send you a toll free number to distribute to your participants.

•  Switches in New York and Atlanta, Georgia delivering the most solid 100% Digital connections anywhere.

•  You will receive your conference cards within 10 minutes of sending in this signup form!

•  You can record your conference calls and reply later. Recording is always free. Playback is same per minute rate as making a call.

•  State-of-Art card distribution system. Virtual Wallet Cards print with perfect cut-lines for your wallet and email links for all participants.

•  Never a charge for Operator service. Operators are always standing by during business hours for anything you need.

•  No commitments ever. If you don't use the service, you don't get a bill.